Spring Colour Week at Poppytalk: Lavender!

Today’s color is lavender for Poppytalk’s Spring Colour Week. And this sweet little ranunculus on my kitchen table beckoned to have her photo taken. Then she wanted to get dressed up in a texture and frame. (BlogBling Fashion Photo Frames from Katrina at Pugly Pixel, texture from SophieG*. Love them both.) Then she inspired me to get […]

Enjoy the moments.

Hi you guys. I’m still here in Ohio with my Grandma, enjoying all the little moments with her. (Photo taken this afternoon with the Hipstamatic iPhone app using the Chunky lens and Kodot XGrizzled film. It’s warm and sunny here today. Spring is on the way.) She’s out of the hospital and in a hospice home […]


I’m working on my spring window display. It’s not done yet (and boy do I have to clean my windows). But spring has definately arrived! Hope you’re having a great weekend — whatever season you are in!

Pretty plums.

Spring must be here, the plums are blooming! Note that this isn’t  famous Miss Plum. (Can a plum be famous?)  No, this is two of her sisters who live at Brodie Wild. We had a workday there on Saturday with a great group of people — so much fun, despite the drizzle! Thanks again to […]