Happy New Year!

I’ve been sitting here thinking about 2010 — it truly was a great year. I wanted to post a photo to capture my feelings and I thought of this one while because it is so full of meaning. Photo taken in November while hiking at a park in Pennsylvania with J and my Dad — […]

Happy Weekend!

Hi everyone, can you believe it’s Friday? I sure can’t! But I’m so happy because my in-laws are coming from Ohio for a week long visit, yay! And I feel so lucky that I can say that and really mean it, because I love them both. My MIL is a stamper and a crafter, just […]

There’s something about…

…paper whites growing indoors in the wintertime that I just love. I love waking up each morning to see what happened overnight. (These have grown a quarter of an inch since I first planted them yesterday. Amazing.) I love it when they bloom — they smell so good! And most of all, I love it […]